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Assault Runner Pro Review: Is Runner Pro Worth the Money?

Assault Runner Pro: The Low-Impact Treadmill That Will Help You Burn Fat and Build Muscle Are you a fitness freak? Do you wish to take your cardio to the next level? Well! Invest in a high-quality treadmill because it helps burn more calories. Although different brands offer treadmills, the Assault Runner Pro from Assault Fitness…

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Assault Runner Pro: The Low-Impact Treadmill That Will Help You Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Are you a fitness freak? Do you wish to take your cardio to the next level? Well! Invest in a high-quality treadmill because it helps burn more calories. Although different brands offer treadmills, the Assault Runner Pro from Assault Fitness has recently become the most sought-after treadmill. It is often called AirRunner and is the base model treadmill from Assault Fitness. 

It is a perfect treadmill for people who hate treadmills because it has enough features and options to lose excess weight effectively. This self-powered treadmill has become popular among four-season runners, athletes, and boot camp lovers. If you want to know more about this treadmill, check out the Assault Runner Pro Review below.

Assualt Fitness

What is Assault Runner Pro?

Assault Runner Pro is an easy-to-use, versatile, and non-motorized treadmill. It does not have an electric motor, like other treadmills. All the belts power based on the pulling motion of your foot on the treadmill. 

The belt on the treadmill is mounted on low-friction bearings so that the treads move smoothly and effectively. Thus, you will witness the best cardio workout effect whenever you run or walk on this treadmill. 

The clever design of the treadmill matches your output and encourages you to give more to achieve your fitness goal quickly. The low-impact design of this treadmill promotes proper running form and provides ultimate protection from injury. 

Highlights of Assault Runner Pro

According to the Assault Runner Pro Review, here are the major highlights of this manual treadmill. 

  • Assault Runner Pro is a manual treadmill, but it offers the benefits that motorized treadmills render. 
  • You no longer need to plug in the treadmill and switch on the power button to run or walk. This treadmill will help you enjoy your cardio activity without electrical consumption.
  • This motorless running machine is a perfect option for home gyms. Even athletes and boot camp baddies love this treadmill.
  • It is powered by the location, speed, and stride of the person accessing them. Every foot strike pushes the belt back behind your body. When you take faster strides, the belt rotates backward faster, and helps burn more calories.
  • It is a good investment for anyone searching for the right way to enhance their overall power and cardiovascular capacity. 
  • The treadmill’s design helps enhance running form because of how the curved belt impacts the foot strike. 

Technical specifications of Assault Runner Pro

Dimension (Lxwxh) 69.9″ X 31.7″  X 64.4″
Weight 289.2 Pounds
Maximum User Weight 350 Pounds
Warranty 5 Years for Frame And 3-Years Moving Parts
Belt Lifetime 150000 Miles
Display Hi-Contrast LCD Display
Water Bottle Holder No
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
Metrics Displayed Time, Speed, Calories, Watts, Heart Rate, and Pace
Suggested Users Unisex – For All Skill Levels
Price $2,999

In-depth review of Assault Runner Pro


Assault Fitness is the top fitness equipment manufacturer, such as treadmills, rowers, and bikes. By incorporating the latest technologies and an experienced workforce, the company helps people fulfill their fitness goals and journeys effectively. Apart from designing elite fitness equipment, the company encourages educational development and helps elevate the standard of life of individuals worldwide. 

Assault Fitness sells its products, such as Assault Runner Pro and Assault Runner Elite, at its official site for budget-friendly pricing. It helps fitness lovers get the required products easily and quickly. Every product comes with specific warranties, and thus, customers will get the best worth of their spending.

The manufacturer accepts payment through American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. With effective customer service, they fulfill the needs and demands of the customers effectively.

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Among the vast collection of manual treadmills, the Assault Runner is the most recommended one for athletes and fitness lovers. It performs the tasks other manual treadmills do but for a lower price. The belt of this machine is smooth and equipped with precision ball bearings. Although slates make the belt look a little wacky, it provides the machine with a smooth ride. 

It needs constant focus on starting and stopping. Or else you will end up injured. As there is a learning curve to using this treadmill, it is strongly recommended that people take time to learn how to use it before indulging in their routine. 


This curved manual treadmill is the size of a commercial treadmill. Its measurement is about the size of the twin mattresses. So, it has a board-running path and easily weighs a hefty 290 pounds. It has sturdy wheels on the front and handles in the rear. It makes the treadmill easier to carry and move around. 

Assault Runner Construction and durability

The maker of this treadmill is well-known in the fitness world for providing high-quality and long-lasting products. So, there is nothing to question about the durability and construction quality. The professional team at Assault Fitness designs the treadmill frame from durable steel to ensure longevity.

However, certain parts of the treadmills are made of plastic. This is only a downside in the build quality. As the machine weighs 350 pounds, anyone can use it for more than just running. Remember that putting the weight at your sides should avoid protecting the treadmill’s integrity.

Assault Runner Technological benefits

The Assault Runner Pro monitor performs precisely as needed. You will find a single button on the machine—the “Start” button. Upon pressing this button, the machine will start and let you move and groove. 

The machine console does not let you change the treadmill angle, unlike the manual treadmill. Once you turn on the machine, you must monitor all sorts of metrics. It does not have a touchscreen but comes with a simple LCD and Bluetooth connectivity. It helps track your heart rate efficiently. 


  • Super light and non-motorized

A noteworthy feature of this treadmill is that it runs on the runner’s energy. It does not consume any electrical power to work, and thus, it has a low carbon footprint. The power of a runner’s two feet is enough to indulge in hard-core workouts. Comparing the Assault Runner Pro’s width with other manual treadmills, it is the lightest treadmill on the market.

  • Excellent durability

Assault Runner Pro has a frame and handrails made from high-quality steel. Almost all the hardware parts are corrosion-resistant, so it works well for a long time. The availability of a wider running surface helps runners perform cardio activity effectively.

The high-quality construction and materials will last longer. So you do not have to worry about replacing and repairing any parts. You can enjoy its benefits for a long time with ease of maintenance. 

  • Great for interval training

This treadmill is designed to keep the demands of HIIT in mind. So, it helps burn up to 30% more calories compared to a motorized treadmill. It also grants the freedom to change speeds according to the user’s will. It does not have a maximum speed, so you can push it as hard as possible. 

Advantages of motorless treadmill

The following are the advantages of this curved manual treadmill that attract fitness lover’s attention:.

  • Enhanced running form

The primary benefit of this manual treadmill is the enhanced effect on running form. With no top-speed option, users can start running according to their convenience and gradually improve their performance. So, they will turn into better runners soon.

  • Amazing speed control

As the motorless treadmill, Assault Runner Pro renders a vast array of fine-tuned control over speed. With the motorized treadmill, users must manually set the belt speed and adapt to it. But, in the case of the curved motorless treadmill, it will adapt to your speed whenever you change.

It means you no longer need to push any button to increase or decrease treadmill speed. The treadmill will speed up and slow down accordingly. Thus, it becomes excellent for HIIT training.

  • Fantastic running experience

As the treadmill adapts to the user’s speed, running on the Assault Runner Pro feels close to running outside. So, users will never get the thought of going out to run. It offers a great running experience and convenience compared to a motorized treadmill.

  • High-calorie burn

This curved manual treadmill has no motor and powers the belt to move with your sustained effort. When you stop moving, the belt also stops working. So, you make more effort to make the treadmill work faster. It means you will run extra miles and burn high calories in a short time. 


  • The treadmill does not have a set maximum speed because the runner powers it. Therefore, it is ideal for distance training and all forms of walking and running.
  • The console is battery-powered and has a Bluetooth connection. It has built-in training programs to help you achieve your fitness goals quickly.
  • It has sturdy and transportable front wheels and a rear handle.
  • It comes in an affordable price range compared to manual treadmills of the same quality.
  • It is a perfect fit for home and public gyms, as it can perform well even after prolonged usage.
  • Compared to motorized treadmills, they need little to no maintenance. 
  • The long-running surface and excellent weight capacity make it a perfect option for all users.
  • Powder-coated parts and solid steel frames and handrails for longer life


  • Unable to alter incline and decline
  • It needs more mental focus than a motorized treadmill
  • Heavy tread belt 

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Customer experience and reviews 

Assault Fitness provides good warranties on most products. But the Assault Runner Pro comes with a decent warranty. You will get a 5-year frame warranty and three years for moving parts. Customers who need a perfect manual treadmill with the best warranty and affordable pricing can go with this curved treadmill. This machine is of high quality and supports everyone’s fitness goals.

You can return the treadmill if you are not satisfied with the performance. Ensure you place the return request within 30 days of the purchase date. The company does not charge you any shipping or handling charges. So, you do not spend extra from your hand apart from the machine cost. 

According to the customer’s Assault Runner review, it is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. The majority of the users left remarks such as “great machine,” “budget-friendly,” and “the best runner.” You can buy this machine either at the official site of Assault Fitness or Amazon at your convenience. 

Check out this YouTube video to learn more about the workings and performance of Assault Runner Pro.

Assault Runner Pro Vs Assault Runner Elite

Model name Assault Runner Pro Assault Runner Elite
Console Hi-contrast console UV-Resistant console
Maximum user capacity 350 Pounds 400 Pounds
Suggested users People who look for low-budget and heavy warranty package  People who do not mind price and warranties
Connectivity options Bluetooth and ANT+ Bluetooth and ANT+
Belt warranty 150000 mile Lifetime
Added extras Nil Two water bottle holders and UV-resistant console
Warranty 5 years frame warranty and 3 years for moving parts 10 years frame, 1 years labor and 3 years non-wear parts
Price $2,999 $3,999

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Bottom line

Overall, the Assault Fitness Runner Pro is a great and affordable manual treadmill. Whether you wish to lose weight or indulge in high-intensity interval training, you can purchase this machine without a second thought. After reading Assault Runner Pro Review, you will learn many exciting things about this machine. Additionally, you will know the significant difference between Assault Runner Pro and Elite to make the right purchase decision. 

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Assault Runner Pro FAQs

1. Can I walk on the assault runner pro?

Yes! You can start your workout by walking, then running, and then walking without pushing any buttons. It is the perfect treadmill for HIIT workouts and obtains the best results.

2. How is Assault Runner Pro different from regular treadmills?

Assault Runner Pro is a motorless treadmill with more fine-tuned control over speed. It helps run at a specific speed and covers certain distances quickly. 

3. Can I burn excess weight quickly with assault runner pro?

Of course! Irrespective of the speed, you will burn more calories on Assault Runner Pro compared to running at a similar pace on the treadmill. It helps burn extra fat effectively and in a short time.

4. Is it reasonable to spend on an Assault fitness treadmill?

The assault fitness treadmill is the best in the market because of its high-quality construction, wide range of options, and ease of usage. So, the money you spend on this treadmill is worth it.

5. Where can I buy Assault Fitness Pro?

You can get the product at the official Assault site or on reliable online shopping platforms such as Amazon. 

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