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Best Kayaks For Plus Size Women 2023 To Enjoy Adventurous Ride!

Best Kayaks For Plus Size Women 2023. Kayaking is a great sports activity that everyone wishes to indulge in. Unfortunately, plus-size adults, especially women, think they are unsuitable for such activities. Weight is not a limiting factor in enjoying kayaking because kayaks are available for people of all sizes. Yes! Whether you are a smaller…


Best Kayaks For Plus Size Women 2023.

Kayaking is a great sports activity that everyone wishes to indulge in. Unfortunately, plus-size adults, especially women, think they are unsuitable for such activities. Weight is not a limiting factor in enjoying kayaking because kayaks are available for people of all sizes. Yes! Whether you are a smaller or large adult paddler, you can find the best kayaks suitable for your needs and budget. 

Every kayak is built differently to fulfill the specific needs and expectations of the paddlers. It helps you to get the right kayak according to your weight. After an extensive search, we have created a list of the Best kayaks for Plus Size Women. Women who think kayak is challenging because of their overweight can find the perfect gear from this list. It helps them have a serene and fun experience. 

Top picks: At a glance

Model Name Perception Tribe 9.5 Sevylor Quikpak K1 Bote Zeppelin Aero
Manufacturer Confluence Outdoors Coleman BOTE
Reviews Best Recreational Kayak For Plus Size Women Best Budget Kayak For Plus Size Women Best Inflatable Kayak For Big Size Women
Suggested Users Unisex-Adults Unisex- Adult Unisex-Adult
Weight Capacity 300 Pounds 400 Pounds 600 Pounds
Price $699.00 $164.29 $1,199.00
Warranty 5 Year (Limited) 2 Year 1 Year
Where To Get Buy On Amazon Buy On Amazon Buy On Amazon


Top 10 Best Kayak For Plus Size Women Review 

1. Sevylor Quikpak K1 – Budget-Friendly Kayak For Big Women 

Sevylor Quickpak K1 inflatable kayak is the ideal choice for those who need more money and space to buy a hard-shell kayak. It works like the conventional sit-on-top kayak. So, it has become one of the best Kayaks for Plus Size Women and beginners for its excellent weight capacity, low pricing, and easy transportation. It is highly suitable for recreational purposes and suits well for calmer conditions. It also renders room for upgradation to design the kayak suitable for your needs and budget. 

This inflatable kayak has a double lock value system and pumps that help the users to inflate the boat quicker. It folds into the hand luggage bag and fits nicely into the small car so that users can handle transportation and storage easily. It comes with wide and comfortable seating to enjoy kayaking to the core. 

With 21-gauge PVC construction, it is an excellent choice for lake use. Multiple air chambers let another chamber stay inflated if one is punctured. Additionally, the availability of a tarpaulin bottom offers durable protection from unwanted punctures. Thus, the kayak ensures a high level of safety. Riders can lean back on the backrests comfortably and enjoy the ride. Storing items is no longer an issue with the secure storage space. 

Sevylor Quikpak K1


  • Durable material and construction to hold up to 400 pounds
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Multiple air chambers 
  • Designed for all sizes of paddlers 

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 8’7″ x 3′

Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: Polyester


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Quick to inflate
  • Extra large weight capacity
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Ample space in the cockpit for a bigger person
  • Paddle, foot pump, and travel bag included 


  • The paddle is not of top quality
  • The seat has one set position 
  • Not a better deal for storage space
  • Deflation takes more time 

Overall, this high-weight inflatable kayak offers massive bang for your buck. It helps beginners to enjoy the ride and learns many new things quickly. 

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2. Ocean Kayak Venus 11 – Best Sit-On-Top Kayak For Plus-Size Women 

This kayak is specially made for women paddlers. It comes with a hybrid comfort seat for extra lumbar support. It features a low-profile deck, and thus, it becomes much easier to paddle. With plenty of storage, users can store required items easily. It also includes the handy dry storage hatch at the bow.

The seat is wide enough to provide ample room for added comfort for plus-size women. This durable and comfortable kayak is ideal for calm lakes, oceans, and slow-moving rivers. It has a stable hull, front and rear carry handles, and side carry handles. These features make paddling and loading easier for beginners. 

The seat is attached well to the kayak, and thus, you would not slide when in use. You can easily find a comfortable position for your water adventure. Regarding safety, the kayak is loaded with tons of options. So you do not have to worry about the kayak sinking and filling up with water. 

Ocean Kayak Venus 11


  • Light for transport
  • More capacity
  • Low deck profile
  • Splash-free storage
  • Comfort hybrid seat

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 10’8″ x 28.5”

Weight Capacity: 225 Pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: Polyethylene 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Compact and stable 
  • Easy to transport
  • Versatility on the water


  • You need to buy a paddle separately 
  • Not ideal for cold conditions
  • Low weight capacity

Ocean Venus 11 is the ideal recreational and Best Kayak for Plus Size Women and small paddlers. It offers all the vital features to enjoy kayaking. 

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3. Wilderness System ATAK 140 – Premium Angular Kayak for Women

The new Wilderness system ATAK is equipped and offers large women paddlers the best kayaking experience. It features an open design, which can customize to fulfill the demands of any environment and angler. It obtained the Kayak of the Year award in 2015 from the Yak Angler Choice Awards. Since the company’s inception in 1986, the company has obtained dozens of awards.

This new variation comes with a large body accommodating up to 300 pounds of women. It features sit-on-top designs and massive cargo space. It also lets the taller and bigger paddlers stretch out and walk to enjoy the ride. Besides, it has a walkable and stable deck. Due to its heavier weight, it has better gliding and enhanced stability.

Wilderness System ATAK 140


  • Larger carrying handles
  • Removable consoles
  • Stand-up assist straps and traction pads keep the boat steady
  • Equipped with GPS
  • Bow and stern storage hatches

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 14’1″ x 34″

Weight Capacity: 550 Pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: High-density polyethylene 


  • Available in four colors
  • Ideal for seasoned anglers
  • Renders superior stability 
  • High-speed and enhanced tracking
  • Molded-in side handles 
  • Open deck
  • Low profile design


  • Bigger than other kayaks, so transportation is challenging
  • Pretty expensive for beginners

With additional features and space, this recreational kayak becomes the best choice for big paddlers.

4. Sun Dolphin Bali SS12 – Best Sit-On-Top and Large Capacity Kayak

It is a full-fledged recreational and Best Kayak for Plus Size Women. This high-weight capacity kayak supports plus-size people while maintaining high control and stability. It is extremely lightweight, and thus, it is easier to lift in and out of the water without putting in much effort. It comes with a side carry handle.

A good size of the cockpit allows the tall and big user for easy entry and exit. Thus, it guarantees a fun and comfortable kayaking experience. With adjustable foot braces, one can make enough room for their leg. Storage area is available at both front and back. So, it is possible to store necessary items without worrying much. 

This kayak comes with a track and paddle and quickly moves through the water. It is made with high-quality materials to ensure excellent stability in the water. It has a sizeable and comfortable seating area, ideal for longer outings. It is available in different colors, and thus, users can pick something suitable for their needs. 

Sun Dolphin Bali SS12


  • Dry storage compartment
  • Ample and comfortable seating area
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Shock cord deck rigging

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 12′ x 33″

Weight Capacity: 395 Pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: PVC


  • Ideal for plus-size women
  • Great stability and handling
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Good value for money
  • An excellent option for the big and tall paddlers
  • Adjustable foot brace system


  • No carry handles
  • Not perfect for the rougher condition
  • The seat is not much comfortable 

Overall, this sit-on-top Kayak for Plus Size women perfectly balances load capacity, weight, handling, and price. So, taller and bigger women will invest their money in this kayak to fulfill their adventure carving.

5. Pelican Sport Athena 100XP – A Best Single Sit-Inside Kayak for Overweight Women

If you are heavy and looking for a single sit-inside kayak for a great experience, Pelican Sport Athena 100XP is a great option. It is a specifically designed Kayak for Plus size woman. It is lightweight and has a roomy cockpit for easy access. It also has an ergonomic carry handle at the front and back. 

The ergonomically designed seat comes with an adjustable seat back and comfortable padding. Adjustable foot braces are available inside the cockpit, which helps maintain a comfortable paddling position. Unlike other kayaks, it combines stability, maneuverability, and speed to make paddling on all water ranges easier. It is the highlight part of this kayak. 

The Ergofit G2 seating system and high-quality knee pads offer a cushioned and comfortable position for riding longer on the water. It is also equipped with more storage nooks to keep items for ease of access. It guarantees a fun-filled and adventurous kayaking ride for heavy women.

Pelican Sport Athena 100XP


  • Specially made for women
  • Highly comfortable 
  • Lightweight

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 9’8″ x 27.5″

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: High molecular polyethylene 


  • Ergonomic carrying handles
  • Easier to load on the roof
  • It comes with an attractive multihull design
  • Offers smartphone holder
  • High-quality equipment and design
  • Stable and lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Specifically designed for plus-size women


  • Some users do not like passenger capacity 

Pelican Athena 100XP can hold up to 250 pounds; thus, it becomes great for carrying everything you wish for a quick lake trip or fishing trip.

6. Advanced Elements Lagoon 1 Kayak – High-Performance Inflatable Kayak For Women

Even though you are on the heavy side, if you wish to enjoy kayaking in all sorts of water, from lakes to bays, you can purchase this sporty Advanced Elements Lagoon 1 Kayak. This inflatable kayak helps you enjoy an unforgettable kayaking experience. It is designed with a unique construction for maximized performance. 

The bow and stern of this boat help minimize the waves and then preserve you on the right path. It has extra functions, foam ground, paddle loops, inflatable seat rest, and a monitoring fin. It makes the kayak suitable for everyone who wishes to enjoy the water. But this boat is highly suitable for Plus Size women

Advanced Elements Lagoon 1 Kayak


  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Spring value
  • Tracking fin
  • Mesh pocket
  • Rubber molded handle
  • Folding seat

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 8’4″ x 34″

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: Rip-stop polyester/PVS tarpaulin


  • In-build inflexible panels 
  • Maximize monitoring
  • Integrate seat for overall performance and optimum consolation
  • Lightweight layout 
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Twist lock valves


  • Pretty expensive

With excellent features and superb construction, this inflatable kayak helps plus-size women get on the water quickly and enjoy every moment. 

7. Perception Tribe 9.5 – Affordable Sit-On-Top Kayak for Woman

If you are searching for a versatile and affordable boat, go with Perception Tribe 9.5. It is a sit-on-top recreational kayak for heavy women. It is designed to perform well in different water ranges, such as ocean and flat water. Since it is easy to use, women of different skill sets will buy and use this boat. It guarantees an unforgettable kayaking experience irrespective of heaviness because it can withstand weights up to 300 pounds.

This kayak has a stable and short hull. So, it is easier to maneuver in small bodies of water. The highlighted part of this boat is the spacious open deck with a padded seat and adjustable back. Due to roomy design and ample capacity, users can load all the necessary water adventure gear to enjoy the trip. In terms of storage, you can access bow and stern storage well, a small center hatch, and others. The presence of molded foot wells makes this kayak the best for all sizes of paddlers. 

Perception Tribe 9.5


  • Compact design
  • Versatile
  • Open deck
  • Durability and stability
  • Multiple footrest options
  • Comfort seating system

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 9’6″ x 31.25″

Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: Polyethylene


  • In-built buoyancy and stability 
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Higher level of safety
  • Excellent performance
  • Low maintenance 
  • Amazing comfort 
  • Suits all types of water source 
  • Easy to use


  • Not built for speed
  • No dry storage

If you are a beginner and expect stability in all conditions, you can buy this kayak and enjoy the real essence of kayaking. 

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8. Brooklyn Kayak Company PK13 – A Perfect Heavy Kayak For Fishing 

Nothing works much better for you if you want an exceptional fishing kayak experience than Brooklyn Kayak Company PK13. As it holds up to 550 pounds, you no longer have to worry about your weight. This is the only kayak in the list featuring a pedal drive propulsion system. It gives you a great kayaking experience that you ever experience. 

This system lets you power your boat through your hands or legs according to your convenience. You can access the pedal drive system easily because it is located in the cockpit. With instant reverse capability, you can easily handle the boat as you wish. It has three in-build fishing rod holders and two water-resistant hatches for gear storage. You can easily store your additional gear items with a large open storage compartment. You can paddle comfortably throughout the day due to its elevated and comfortable aluminum-framed seat.

Brooklyn Kayak Company PK13


  • Speed and control
  • Designed for stability
  • Large storage capacity
  • Perfect fishing kayak

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 13′ x 33.25″

Weight Capacity: 550 Pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: Polyethylene


  • Ergonomic comfort and support because of aluminum frame seats
  • Excellent stability on ocean water, rivers, and lakes
  • Abrasion-resistant and UV protection
  • Superior safety 
  • Exceptional fishing features


  • The price is a bit higher than similar kayaks

It is the Best Kayak for Plus Size Women who pay more attention to convenience, safety, and enjoyment than anything else. 

Enjoy Adventurous Ride

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9. Bote Zeppelin Aero – A Versatile Inflatable Kayak For Two People

It is a unique design that looks like a combination of kayak and paddleboard. It comes with an elevated seat and a flat-open cockpit design. It offers ample room for large individuals. With the inflatable seat, the riders will get an adequate cushion and raise their torso for a comfortable seated position. It makes them feel energized during their journey.

It holds up to 600 pounds of maximum weight and 41 pounds when completely inflated. Compared to other inflatable kayaks, the tubes and floor of this Bote Zeppeline Aero are filled with higher pressure to provide a safe and fun-filled experience. The high pressure makes the boat more stable and rigid once it gets into the water of any condition. 

Bote Zeppelin Aero


  • Highly versatile
  • Extremely portable
  • Robust design
  • Super stable 

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 12’6″ x 25″

Weight Capacity: 300- 600 pounds

Seating Capacity: 2

Material Type: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


  • High performance 
  • Eliminate the need for a bunch of storage space at home 
  • Easier to transport 


  • Harder to maneuver compared to rigid counterparts

It has become the top pick for fat women because of its versatility and high performance. It is also the best inflatable kayak in the market.

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10. Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 – A Perfect Kayak for Stand-Up Fishing 

Are you unable to go fishing by kayak due to being overweight? Invest in the Sea Ghost 130 by Vibe Kayaks. It is described as the mountain goat of the Kayak World. It helps navigate easily on different water sources without any challenges. It can hold up to 550 pounds and enjoys stand-up fishing. The highlight of this kayak is the perfect balance between speed and stability.

It is more than a fishing kayak because it provides excellent all-round performance. Its ergonomic and innovative hull design makes the boat stable in the water. The toe-controlled rudder keeps the boat straight and avoids troubles. It also has gear mounting points, a good array of storage hatches, and stowing places.  

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130


  • In-built cup holder
  • Dual position vibe hero seat
  • Pre-installed toe-controlled rudder system
  • Adjustable and comfortable foot braces
  • Four vibe Phantom grip carrying handles

Technical specifications 

Dimension: 13′ x 33″

Weight Capacity: 550 pounds

Seating Capacity: 1

Material Type: PVC


  • Super stable
  • Great price
  • Excellent after-sales
  • Amazing storage 
  • Integrated fishing rod holders and gear tracks
  • Amazing weight capacity 
  • Ample room for tall and big paddlers, especially plus-size women
  • Toe-controlled rudder system


  • Slightly pricey 
  • Need assistance when getting in and out of water because of heaviness 

Overall, it is the best sit-on-top angler fishing kayak suitable for heavy women and obtains an unforgettable kayaking experience.

Different types of kayak

Before going kayak shopping, knowing the significant types of kayaks on the market is vital. It gives you an idea of what to choose according to your needs and budget.

  • Sit-on-top – It is an ideal kayak for all ranges of paddlers, especially beginners. Whether big or short, you can use this kayak and enjoy ultimate comfort. It makes getting in and out of the boat much easier.
  • Sit-inside – It is a great kayak for year-round paddling because of extra protection. Compared to sit-on-top, it keeps you warmer and drier. The enclosed cockpit is better for beginners and helps store the gear safely.
  • Fishing – Fishing kayaks are heavier than usual recreational kayaks due to their additional features. It has an elevated seat, in-build rod holders, and extra storage. Fishing kayaks may be sit-on-top or sit-inside.
  • Inflatable – It is an excellent option for those short on home storage. It is much lighter and easier to transport than the standard kayak. Although it does not offer storage space and comfort features, it is portable. 

Factors to consider before buying

Are you a plus-size woman and buying a kayak for the first time? Make sure to consider these elements before making a purchase decision. Or else you end up spending your savings on the wrong product.

  • The kayak’s weight is a vital aspect to consider before buying, as it differs between models and brands. It is imperative when you plan to lift or transport the kayak on your own. Based on the build material and features, the weight may differ. So, check out your demands beforehand to choose the right one.
  • Weight capacity is another essential element, mainly if you are a big person or plan to take more gear. The kayak’s weight capacity is the total weight of you and your gear. So, buy a kayak with a higher maximum weight capacity, making paddling easier. For instance, if you are 100 pounds, pick a kayak with 250 pounds to ensure safety and comfort.
  • There are no one-size-fits kayaks in the market. You must choose the ideal kayak based on your expectations and demands. The size of the kayak affects its comfort, storage, and performance. So, be careful in choosing the right size of the kayak. For example, go for a narrower and longer kayak for a faster experience.
  • Paddles are another critical element to look up. Find the right size of paddle based on your height. Kayaks designed especially for women have a lower profile deck to accommodate their shorter bodies. It makes paddling much easier and avoids significant risks. 

Besides, it is mandatory to consider the factors such as stability, seat, accessories, perks, and price. As a one-time investment, consideration is more important to get the best value for money and effort. 

Best Kayaks For Plus Size Women 2023 – Wrapping up

Kayaking is a wonderful sport; anyone can participate in it regardless of height and weight. When picking Kayaks for Large Adults, you can take help from this blog. We have explored a lot and shared these top kayaks for plus-size women. 

Consider the vital elements of buying a kayak for heavy women before deciding. Narrow your needs and budgets to select the right one in the marketplace. It helps you to be safe and comfortable throughout your adventurous journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions. FAQs

1. Can a plus-size woman go kayaking?

Yes! There is no weight or gender discrimination for kayaks. But, it is necessary to consider the weight-carrying limit of the kayak.

2. Does the weight affect the kayak speed?

Although extra weight makes the kayak more stable, it often slows down. However, kayaking on a heavy-capacity kayak will make a massive difference in speed and stability.

3. Is kayaks for plus-size women expensive?

The price may look heavier than usual kayaks because of the design, sturdiness, and durability to hold maximum weight capacity.

4. What is the minimum weight of the kayak required for my weight?

Ensure you buy a kayak at least 125 pounds more than your body weight for a safe ride. 

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