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Zen Bowling Ball Review

Zen Bowling Ball Review: What Pros & Amateurs Say About This Ball Whether you’re trying your hands at bowling or looking to improve your bowling skills, choosing the right bowling ball is essential to boost your game.  Having the correct ball doesn’t end with ensuring it’s perfect for your finger size. For the best accuracy…


Zen Bowling Ball Review: What Pros & Amateurs Say About This Ball

Whether you’re trying your hands at bowling or looking to improve your bowling skills, choosing the right bowling ball is essential to boost your game. 

Having the correct ball doesn’t end with ensuring it’s perfect for your finger size. For the best accuracy and ball spin, you need other characteristics.

However, there are so many bowling balls on the market with the best accuracy and ball spin that it can get confusing trying to pick the most suitable choice for yourself. This is where we come in to help you. 

With a review of our latest product, the Zen Bowling Ball, we hope to make things easier for you to decide. We’ll do our best to save you time and money and narrow your options by providing you with simple and adequate knowledge about the Zen Soul Bowling Ball. This Zen Bowling Ball Review will also investigate how well these balls match your style and skill level.

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The Zen Bowling Ball Review.

The general opinion on bowling ball reviews is that they are just a load of gibberish about the same thing. But I promise that you are in for a treat with this one. 

I won’t try to hide my soft spot for Zen, but you can rest assured that it won’t be heavily biased. It will be informative and accurate, too, so expect the cons alongside the pros of this product in its full glory. First of all, let’s start with a bit of history.


The Zen Bowling Balls, also known as the 900 Global Zen Bowling Balls, are manufactured by Storm Bowling, a company leading the bowling industry by manufacturing several innovative, high-performance pieces of equipment. 

Storm Bowling has been around for 30 years and has earned a reputation for creating many of the best bowling products in the world, including bowling balls. 

In 2020, Storm acquired the assets of Global Manufacturing LLC, including the 900 Global and 3G brands. 

The Storm remains a reliable manufacturer that is intentional about helping you perfect your bowling techniques and form through the production of different balls. One such bowling ball is the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball Collection, formerly known as the “Zen.” 

Introduction of 900 Global Zen Bowling Balls. 

A Zen bowling ball review cannot be complete without a 900 Global Zen bowling ball review. 

The addition of 900 Global to the options of Storm’s ball products led to the market dominance of the 900 Global Zen Bowling Balls.

Why did I choose the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball?

When I wanted to get another ball, I was looking for something different from the ones I had been buying. Previously, I had been switching between Roto Strip and Brunswick Tzone bowling balls. I like exploring, so I wanted to try out another model. Then, I found Zen.

I first noticed much talk around the Zen line, especially the 900 Global Zen. I read numerous reviews and thought it must be this good if there were not enough nasty comments on the model. 

I bought it, and the consensus did live up to its hype. I was impressed. Up until now, the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball has been my favorite. 

The ball fits my needs well, making it easy to play without needing a ball change. Sometimes, I can’t help but flaunt it at an office game night with my colleagues or family. It’s that good. 

While it might not fit your bowling style perfectly, it is flexible to the point that you can maneuver it. 


Color Magenta/Teal/Silver
Core and Weight Block Meditate Symmetric 
Coverstock S77R Pearl 
(Factory) Finish 1500 grit polished with Reacta Gloss
Ball Motion Angular
Weight 12 – 16 lbs
Hook potential High
Length Long
Advisable Lane Condition Medium-Heavy Oil
The radius of gyration (RG) 12 lbs– 2.6513 lbs– 2.5914 lbs– 2.5015 lbs– 2.4916 lbs– 2.48
Differential (Diff.) 12 lbs– 0.03513 lbs– 0.04514 lbs– 0.05115 lbs– 0.051 16 lbs– 0.051
Intermediate Differential (Diff.) n/a
Fragrance n/a
Flare Potential 5″+
Brand 900 Global
Category and Sport Type Bowling, bowling balls
Ball Performance High-performance-balls


Each Zen bowling ball is designed as a pearl version of the S77 Response cover. The S77 Response Pearl Cover delivers a flip or skid reaction. This is the most vigorous reaction ever achieved in the 800 series ball and is even better in the 900 series ball. This cover can advance your angles well with medium-to-heavy patterns. 


The Zen also has a gigantic symmetrical core, the meditate core, which is regarded as Storm’s most enormous core in its bowling balls. The S77 Response Pearl Cover typically covers it. 

A more significant core means additional hitting power and a more consistent shape on the lanes. In turn, this gives the bowling ball a more consistent reaction. Zen stretches the boundaries of core dynamics.


Zen is more than just a shiny pearl that’s visually pleasing to the eyes. It also handles oils decently. 

It is an excellent ball developed with enough controllability to open up your angles with medium-to-heavy and medium-to-light patterns. 

RG (Radiation in Gyration) Value. 

The RG of the 900 Global Zen is lower than its previous releases, but its differentials are slightly higher. 

This blend makes you scale the length in the middle lane and delivers a decisive move at the breakpoint and back end.


There are other Zen bowling balls besides the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball. 

While mixing up the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball with other Storm Ball products might be easy, there are some differences here and there. 

Zen Bowling Ball Review

Zen Bowling Balls are classified into the following:

1.900 Global Zen Masters.

Zen Bowling Ball Review

The 900 Global Zen Master, like the 900 Global Zen bowling ball, has an enormous meditate symmetric core. 

It comes in various colors: magenta, black, and green. It also maintains an S77 Response Solid Cover, deliberately engineered for medium-heavy oil.

Zen Master possesses an RG of 2.49 and a 3000 Abraon finish. Its highest differential is 0.051. 

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2.900 Global Zen Soul.

Zen Bowling Ball Review

Zen Soul is the best of both worlds. After an upgrade, Zen Soul’s coverstock is built in hybrid form as an S77 Response Hybrid Reactive. 

Combining pearl and solid elements makes up for Zen U’s reliability (solid) and aggressiveness (pearl).  

Zen Soul’s symmetric core makes it capable of expanding into a distinctive shape that is common to the Zen lineage or collection.

Other features of the Zen Soul include its 4000 Abralon finish, an RG value of 2.49, a differential of 0.051, and its various color types: teal, fuchsia, and black.

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3.900 Global Zen U.

Zen Bowling Ball Review

Zen U twists the Zen line with the S35 Urethane+ Solid Reactive Coverstock, a 1000-grit Abralon factory finish, and a new motion on the lanes. 

It comes in jet black only and has an RG of 2.56, with a differential of 0.027.

Check it out on Amazon.


The 900 Global Zen bowling ball is more than a decent ball for the money spent. It is affordable, and you can be guaranteed to get the best bet. Depending on your size and options, the Zen Bowling Ball cost varies widely; however, the price tags are usually friendlier for beginners and amateurs, too.

When it comes to maintaining your zen bowling ball, you won’t have to worry about excessive cracking or severe signs of wear and tear. The ball can hold up against you, and you don’t have to be an avid bowler to get good pin action from it. 

Do you want a ball that can execute a decent hook? Zen can give you just that. You can make better strikes, achieve straight shots, and nail those spares. You will have no issue hitting an average of 175 to 220. 

If it starts cracking badly at any point, it might be because you need to use it for the condition it was designed for. This is why using the Zen Soul Bowling Ball is essential only if your needs precisely fit its design conditions. Do that, and you won’t have any problems.

Zen Bowling Ball Review

Who is the Zen Bowling Ball for?

Zen Bowling balls are meant for everyone looking for a quality bowling ball to serve them at their own pace. 

Pros and Cons of Zen Bowling Balls


1. Varied: they can be used at diverse skill levels, that is, by beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

2. Multipurpose: they can be used for recreation and sports.

3. Easy to throw

4. Strong controllability, precision, and versatility

5. Picks up on lanes, including the middle lane, excellently.

6. Fantastic hook potential.

7. Massive and dynamic meditation with a symmetric core

8. Powerful angular motion

9. Quick backend recovery

10. a reasonable amount of real hook before the oil makes it more user-friendly than a skid/flip ball.

11. Thorough drilling and layout services at the pro shops

12. They don’t stick to a color design, so you have many choices.


1. The transitions could be sharper.

2. It might be too strong to start up in the outside oil when you don’t give it room.

3. For some bowling styles, the strength of zen bowling balls might be the same.

The zen bowling balls, especially Zen U, might need a different shape in the traditional firm control. 

It might have enough strength to push one to the front and need more on the backend.


The truth is Zen Bowling balls deserve all the popularity they get. They are attractive and functional.

The chances of you winding up with another ball after your bowling experience with these balls might be slim.

This review taught you everything you need to know about Zen Bowling Balls, what makes them unique, and why they are the most adequately educated purchase.

Zen Bowling balls can give you that incredible service. Don’t sleep on it. Get an upgrade today!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

1. Is the Zen bowling ball good?

As much as we try not to sound patronizing, it is good. Our customers have praised this product for being smoother on the lanes and stronger. 

You don’t have to put much weight into tilting before you throw it. It’s so good that it reads lanes better than most bowling balls. 

Do you want to know another secret? It makes up for your not-so-good throws sometimes. It might get a little jumpy, but the experience is incredible.

2. What kind of bowling ball is the Zen?

The Zen bowling ball is used for recreational and sports activities. It’s a “reactive ball.” 

Over time, reactive balls such as the Zen have evolved how sports are played and introduced newer methods.

While other bowling balls (urethane and polyester) are restrictive in their application, reactive balls are accessible at any level. Zen bowling balls are among the broadest online and pro shop selections for all bowlers, regardless of skill level, particularly from entry-level to the highest-performance bowling balls. 

3. What is the finish on a Zen bowling ball?

The finish on a Zen Bowling is a 1500-grit polish with Reacta Gloss.

4. What is the difference between Zen and Zen Master?

Aside from magenta, they do not have any other similar color types. They also have different factory finishes. 

Zen Master is a reactive solid, too.

5. What bowling ball should I use, KG? 

It depends on your preference. What type of ball are you looking for? Do you want a ball with excellent pocket control? Do you prefer one with a pretty color design?

If you provide a clue as to what you’re looking for, the Pro Shop staff can help you choose.

6. Is the Zen Master symmetrical?

Yes, it is. The Meditate Symmetric Core makes Zen Master naturally symmetrical. Except for Zen U, the Zen line is known for its symmetrical features. 

7. What is a better bowling ball?

If you don’t like the 900 Global Zen bowling ball, you can choose from other options in the Zen line. There’s Zen Master, Zen Soul, and Zen U. 

But if you still like the Zen line, you can always choose from other Storm bowling ball collections on their website or at the nearest Pro Shop.

8. What coverstock is on the Zen?

The Zen’s coverstock is an S77 Responsive Pearl, which means 

9. What do Zen masters do?

Zen Masters maintains an S77 Response Solid Cover, deliberately engineered for medium-heavy oil. It possesses an RG of 2.49 and a 3000 Abraon finish. Its highest differential is 0.051. 

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